A Couple of Tiny Design Issues Lighting Inside and Out

Now that lights have been installed, three tiny issues have been discovered:

(A couple of the lights arrived with broken glass panels. Kevin suggested we just replace the glass, instead of trying to return them. That was taken care of.)

Stair Lights

Kevin noted that the placement of one of these lights caused it to create a beam at eye level when approaching the stairway. To eliminate this effect, we just had the light removed.

Awkwardly Placed Stair Light
Awkwardly Placed Stair Light
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Lights Outside Kitchen Door

Wires had been put in place for lights on both sides of the kitchen door and two lights that didn’t match had been installed. My intention had been for one of these lights to be higher on the wall and more toward the corner, one of the general outside lights that we have around the house.

Given the actual placement, it looked like they were supposed to be a pair, but mismatched. To fix this little error, we’re going to swap out the general exterior light for one that matches the other kitchen door light.

Mismatched Kitchen Door Lights
Mismatched Kitchen Door Lights
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Light Bulb Style

A number of the fixtures had arrived without bulbs — no big surprise. Many of these fixtures have clear glass sides. Francisc had just purchased bulbs for these, but had selected regular white frosted light bulbs. Since the bulbs are so visible, we want something a bit nicer, so we asked Kevin to swap them out for the (trendy, we know) visible-filament “Edison bulbs.”

Frosted white light bulb
What We Got
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edison bulb
What We Want
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Stair light: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure
Kitchen lights: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure
Edison bulb: 1000Bulbs.com | https://www.1000bulbs.com/product/7623/IN-L2780.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAh_DTBRCTARIsABlT9MbBaFTuVPVwzWdFRXOF5foBTOjYmw537Jjh7yYd2WVPEsOdozksNOIaAqskEALw_wcB
Frosted bulb: 1000Bulbs.com | https://www.1000bulbs.com/category/40-watt-standard-shape-light-bulbs/

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