Our House Plans Are Ready for an “Opinion”

This has been a busy week working on the floor plans, and we’ve made a lot of progress toward having a design we like and that can be submitted to the local government for approval.

house blueprint of floorplan with pencil and rulerMonday morning we received two options for designs at our desired size of 190m2. These were based on the original concept plan at 160m2 and our general design direction. We wanted some room sizes and placements adjusted.

Wednesday morning the email brought a new set of plans. These had our desired changes and were just about what we were looking for. We had a couple of minor changes, but one big question: was a hallway between the entry and the main room wide enough at 1.00 meter (3.3 feet)? And, if not, could we widen it without making a mess of the plans?

The possible problem was that the space was constrained by structural support columns on one side and rooms that we felt were already at minimum width on the other.

Today’s version brought good news. By sliding the columns over about a third of a meter and making the stairway just a tiny bit steeper, the architect was able to give us a hallway of 1.35 meters (just shy of 4.5 feet.) Now I think we’ll have a nice wide connection from the front door into the main room.

Design for a house in Le Marche
“Approved” option

Also adding to the open feel we want will be the ceiling heights. On the ground floor, we’ll have 2.7 meters (8.9 feet.) On the top floor, they will peak at 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) and be 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) at the walls.

We also got a door from the kitchen on the front of the house — Anne and I had considered it but not mentioned it. This should make it easier to bring in groceries and supplies. It also opens up the possibility of storing firewood outside that somewhat hidden corner of the house.

exterior drawing of house in Italy

We’ve all but got the plans we’re comfortable going forward with. Just a clarification that all three openings on the view side of the house are French doors and we feel we’re set for now.

Next steps? Details and timing unknown, but from what we understand it’s a trip by Kevin to the town planning office. He’ll ask for an “opinion” whether we can build this house and a pool on the plot. The right head nod, without too many “I say you need to change this or I’m not earning my pay” kinds of comments should give us about a 90% assurance of final approval of the complete plans and blueprints. Or that’s what we’re told.

After the flurry of activity this week, I think we’re in for some waiting.

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