A House in a Hole? Preliminary Grading Finished, Marciapiede Work Started

The first pass at the land grading has been completed. There is likely more work to be done, but Kevin wants to hold off until we are on site in May.

One picture from today gave me pause: it shows the south side of the house, that near the master bathroom and study and the grade that surrounds it. It makes that side of the house look like it’s in a hole.

Grading around new house in Le Marche
South Side and Graded Earth
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I asked Kevin what we might do to address this issue. I brought up the idea of trying to buy more land on that side to give us room to make the slope more gradual.

He responded that the slope isn’t quite as severe as the picture shows. Plus, while buying more land might be possible, he felt we could negotiate better if we were on site.

The other land shaping issue we’ll need to address is behind the house and whether we have enough room on the terrace on which the house sits.

Edge of terrace down to the pool
Edge of House Terrace Down Toward Pool
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Also, work has begun on the marciapiede, the sidewalk that surrounds the house. This is tied into the house structure and serves to keep moisture away from the base of the wall. Plus, it’s a typical feature of houses in Le Marche.

Sidewalk Underlayment Covered with Gravel
Sidewalk Underlayment Covered with Gravel
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The album of all of today’s pictures shows more work on the forms for the marciapiede.

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