A (Major?) Wrinkle in Our Schedule Electrical Problems

It looks like electricity is going to shock us again.

Shock from electricity

Our first problem getting electricity to our site was our need to put an access pole on our neighbor’s land. After a €1500 payment (extortion), we finally got this approval.

Now we hear that our electric connection is yet to be made, even though we started the process to get installation in November of last year. Kevin says the utility says it will happen in 30 days, but I don’t think anyone thinks this is credible.

This causes some immediate problems, plus it may affect the possible completion date of the house.

Francisc needs “real” power to test the electrical systems, particularly the pool and the solar and photo-voltaic panels. Plus he needs power to continue installation inside. So far, he’s used generators, but they won’t work for these purposes.

As he often does, Francisc came up with a solution to the short-term problem. Somehow he was able to get a “construction connection” under his name. That means the systems can be tested and the work can proceed.

Still, without the permanent connection, the house can’t really be finished. A couple of weeks ago, Kevin gave us a 90% probability it would be finished in December. That’s looking very optimistic right now.

An Update

It’s now 5 weeks after we heard the permanent line would be installed in 30 days and that the temporary construction line would be in within a few days. We just heard that the temporary line was installed, with no indication of when the permanent line will be done. This is despite thrice-weekly calls to ENEL, the utility company, from someone Kevin says is very well connected to ENEL.

So our bureaucratic problem continues.

Shock image: Copyright: joebelanger / 123RF Stock Photo

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