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We still don’t have the final permission to construct the house, as the approval process has been lengthened by the October earthquakes. But we’ve still been able to work on the road and start excavation.

stoplight indicating lack of approval on permesso di costruireI’ll let Kevin explain where we stand:

The only ‘issue’ at the moment is that the town offices continue to delay release of the permission to construct which was due in our hands [two weeks ago]. This is due to the earthquakes and has nothing to do with our particular project, but is a general slowdown across all non-emergency projects. We did advise them that we were proceeding with the road and the excavations. They had no issue with this. On Monday they issued a special order for all projects presented in the last 120 days, asking for additional structural and geological calculations and analyses. We have the structural piece done and immediately available as part of the original work. The geologist is preparing the additional info required and that will be in Jimmy’s [the geometra] hands tomorrow for immediate submission. With the final paper in hand we can begin executing a contract. In the interim we continue to work on the road and excavations.

So, for now, merrily we roll along.


Green light for building permitWe received the final, formal Permesso di Costruire today. So now all we need is a final budget with all the details (the computo metrico) and we can sign the construction contracts.

Page 1 of Permesso di Costruire Click to enlarge
Page 1 of Permesso di Costruire
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