An Issue with the Railings What Color?

Kevin made a site visit and came back with a good report, except for one detail.

Inside, we covered a bunch of points. All positive, except one. I rejected the railing and handrail. I did not like the color and I felt the finish was a bit too glossy. It will be repainted. I will followup on this until it’s how I think it should be. The actual work is excellent and the style is ideal for the spaces. This is just the beginning of work to fine-tune the finish work. I am a notorious P.I.T.A. on this stuff…

It’s great to have a PITA on site and on the ball.

An Update

After a long meeting in a smoke-filled metal fabricating shop and having looked at 40 options, narrowed it to 8, Kevin came back to us with three railing color options, recommending we choose from two of them.

(In the pictures is a sample of the door and window hardware. The real issue is to be sure they go together.)

Metal railing color option 1

Railing color option 2

We chose the one on the right, which was also Kevin’s choice.

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