An Update on the Landscape Plan Very Slow Progress

This is the longest. most painful process we’ve been through yet.

survey tool

Given the slope of the property, having a good landscape plan is very important. We need to have various levels and will need plantings to soften some of the slope.

We first started in earnest on the plan during our visit in May, when we met on site with a landscape designer, Paula, and our geometra, Jimmy. We thought we were making progress on the plan in July when we had another site visit. Little progress was made until late September, but it looked then like we were ready to get it all put together..

Wrong. Now it’s November and we still don’t have the terrain map Paula needs to design the landscape. The latest holdup was caused by Jimmy not being able to get the special gps machine used to work out details terrain plans. Apparently, it’s in very high demand.

Finally, this week, Jimmy was able to produce a CAD file with the terrain. (You can get a feel for the steepness of the slope, especially behind the house where the contour lines are very close together.)

Detailed Terrain Map
Detailed Terrain Map
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Now the holdup is that Paula works only on paper and neither she nor Jimmy seemed to want to get what we had printed. Fortunately, Kevin stepped in, contacted the gps guy who had done the measurements and produced the CAD file, and got him to deliver a pdf version.

Kevin will pass that off to Jimmy and Paula to get printed on a large format printer.

So we’re not out of the woods yet.


Survey tool image: Copyright: phatthanit / 123RF Stock Photo
Terrain map: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure

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