Building the Arch for the Portone What About the Window?

Only two pictures today but they are nice. They show that the arch for the portone has been built. There will be a fixed window in the arch and a rectangular door below.

Arch over portone
Arch Over Portone
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Stone arch over door
Arch Ready to Go
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I wasn’t quite sure if we had picked the design for this window and if it was included in the latest budget. I wrote to Kevin and it started an interesting exchange:

Ed: Have we settled on a design for the arch window? Is it budgeted?

Kevin: Hi — it’s this … Luconi is getting me the final pricing (pictures of door hardware were attached.)

Ed: How about the design of the arched window above? I don’t remember settling on that.

Kevin: That really isn’t something with options. It’s brick with a center point. That’s it. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear. The goal on that, too, is to keep it as simple as possible.

(Anne: I’m confused … what does he mean?)

Ed: Hi. Sorry, I’m being really dense here.

“Brick with a center point” is the arch itself, right? That looks great.

What is the glass part and what does it look like? Is there some sort of “grate” or is it just a piece of glass?

Here’s an example of an arched window to show what I’m asking about. In my terms used above, it has an iron grate covering the flat piece of glass. (Not sure what would be on the inside of the glass.)

Kevin: Ahhhhh!! My bad … I totally missed that.

Right now, it’s GLASS … with wood trim. A grate is not in the plan but certainly could be, if you want one. It can be a NOW thing or a LATER thing … makes no difference from a work point-of-view.

A little confusion is always good.

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