Casa Avventura Un Sogno Realizzato

The home base for Our Big Italian Adventure is Casa Avventura, the house we built in the Le Marche region of Italy. The house was completed in early 2018. The construction took about 15 months, from start to finish.

We wouldn’t have this house without the support of many people, chief among them Kevin Gibney. He found us the property and acted as our project manager for the whole project. He led an unbelievable team that got our house done on time, not an easy task in Italy. You’ll meet Francisc, Giovanna, Jimmy, Alessandra, Pippo, Angelo and more as you read along.

If you have interest in doing what we did, be sure to go to the website for Kevin’s company Property for Sale Marche to learn more about him and his properties.

And feel free to contact us for any advice.

For an overview of the whole project, look at Read from the Beginning.

Or, here are a few posts to get you started.

marche provinces map
Why Marche?
Design for a house in Le Marche
Floor Plans
View from the Pool Terrace
View from the Pool Terrace
Stone House with Roof being built
Outside Stone Work

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