Cleaning Up and Coming Home Using a Bidet

After our exploratory visit and lunch at IKEA, we headed for our hotel in Ancona. It was on the coast north of the town center, toward the airport. Called the EGO Hotel, it was quite stylish and modern. Being that it’s primarily a business hotel and being a Saturday, we among the few guests so were given a very nice room on the sea side of the hotel. It had a very fancy bathroom with a huge whirlpool tub with a rain shower head above and, of course, a bidet.


Having discussed bidets a number of times during the trip and having no personal experience with their use, we Googled “how to use a bidet.” Hilarity ensued.

Anne found a very entertaining video built from interviews of people after their first bidet use. It was well edited and quite funny. We learned a lot from it and other amusing internet sources.

Up at 4:00 the next morning, we headed to the airport. Munich first. Then Frankfurt, where I was selected for a security check at the gate. Shoes off, a few questions from a stern official about my luggage, I was cleared. Nine hours later we were at O’Hare and then home.

It had been a productive but exhausting trip.

Bidet: Pixabay CC0 sferrario1968 |

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