Considering Some Road Modifications Eliminating Some Difficult Turns

In my mind, I keep coming back to the issue of access to the property. Just like with the drainage issue, my concern is caused by the hillside the house is built on. Plus, we don’t own the land that the access road — or even the driveway — is on. This further limits our options.

To be precise, the problem isn’t really getting to the house; it’s leaving that is the problem.

Here’s an overhead view of the shape of the last half-kilometer or so of the access. There are two sharp turns: at the top of the driveway, turn A is a bit over 90 degrees and the subsequent turn B is just a tad less severe.

Now a look from the side, showing the slopes of the sections. (This slope drawing is rough; I’m sure I’ve made the sections steeper than they really are, but I think it illustrates the problem.)

The problem at A is that it follows an upslope, meaning you have to keep your speed as you enter the turn, making the sharp turn problematic. The problem at B is that it precedes a steep section, meaning you have to keep you speed up through the turn — and hope no one is coming the other way, as the corner is blind, to boot.

I’d really like to reshape these corners a little.

When I raised this issue with Kevin, I knew what he’d say: we don’t own the land, so we’re very limited in what we can do.

He also noted that rarely will anyone but us and guests be using this road, so the blind corner shouldn’t be an issue.

I know we have accept it as it is,

Overhead view: Google Maps
Side view: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure

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