Door Details

Beyond the major design decisions about the doors are a couple of details.

Door Screens

In general, it seems that Italians don’t use screens. It’s a nice, clean look without them, but it lets the bugs in.

For the windows, we found an option to let us have the open, clean look and have screens. They will have built-in screens that roll down from the top frame when you want to use them. Otherwise, it’s just a clear view.

Apparently, even if window screens are used, doors are left open. Obviously, that lets the bugs have their access.

Bead door curtain
Example of bead curtain in doorway

They do use these hanging beads in the door opening, but they don’t look very good in my opinion, and it’s hard to see how they can really work. And they block the view.

Kevin recommended that we add screens to the doors. These also roll into a frame, but here the frame is on the side, not the top of the doors.

So we can leave the screens open when we’re not having bug issues and close them when we are.


Kevin asks, “Where do you want a lock and where a scrocco on the exterior doors?”

Say, what? Scrocco.

Let him explain:

The scrocco is a handy little hardware device that lets you exit, for example, the dining room or master bedroom out onto the terraazze without (A) leaving the door ajar (B) without needing a key, BUT with the ability to SECURELY close the door behind you…then, when you reenter, all you do is gently PULL the scrocco hardware, the door unlatches and opens. You return inside the building and either push the door closed, engaging the scrocco (assuming someone else is outside and will reenter), OR, turning the handle down to close and LOCK the door, prohibiting entry from outside.

I’m still a bit puzzled and I can’t find decent pictures online. What’s wrong with a closed but unlocked door? Maybe the doors don’t have exterior handles?

(The decision was locks for the front and kitchen doors, scrocco for the French doors on the back and the upstairs terrazza door.)

Bead image: Pixabay CC0

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