Entering the Home Stretch Maybe Only 2-3 Weeks to Go

Right after the (long) holiday break ended, Kevin and the team got together to make a plan for finishing the house.

partially completed checklist

Here’s his list of the remaining work to do:

  • tile the pool surround
  • tile the stairs
  • install toilets, sinks, bidet units (i.e. bathroom finish work)
  • install terrace railing and stair hand rails
  • install kitchen
  • finish outside fountain
  • finish fireplace
  • finish painting
  • install lighting fixtures
  • Johnny’s items – closet doors and nicchie finish work
  • ENEL — permanent house electrical line (the only challenge I see, and, the house can continue to function in the interim on the current job site electrical supply)
  • install internal doors
  • install bug screens, etc. — the finish work associated with the windows, done after workmen stop traipsing through the house
  • final heat test
  • fotovolts connected to inverters, system test, etc.
  • note, too, that the road will be competed…the final stratum of material goes on once everybody stops going to the house on a daily basis with heavy vehicles

It seems like a lot to us, as these details always take more time than you expect, but Kevin’s estimate is that it will all be done in just a few weeks, by early February at the latest.

I’m still expecting it will take a few weeks longer, but it really doesn’t matter either way. We won’t be able to get to Italy and use it right away — though we sure wish we could.

Clipboard: Pixabay - CC0 Creative Commons | https://pixabay.com/en/todo-list-terminal-board-check-off-2103511/

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