Extending the Parking Level More Earth Being Moved

Place to Extend Parking Area at a new house in Le Marche
Place to Extend Parking Area
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Since the property is shaped like a triangle, with the narrow angle being up the hill above the house, we’re a little cramped on parking area, and just as important, in the turning area to get faced uphill. Francisc noted that as the earthmoving has developed, we were left with a bit of “dead space” adjacent to the parking area. He suggested that we use it to provide some breathing room.

Using the area this way means we need to extend the parking area retaining wall toward the south side of the property. The work comes with a price tag, of course, but it seems like a worthwhile investment.

It requires the wall extension and then more backfill.In the end we will be left with a much better turning area and a chance to get a straight shot going uphill.

Backfill Work Behind Wall at a new house in Le Marche
Backfill Work Behind Wall
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Also, as part of this work, they have started to face the retaining wall with stone and to put some topsoil over the terra armata.

Working Above Retaining Wall
Stone Wall at Right Top
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Here are a lot more pictures of this work, which extended over several days.

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