Finalizing Our Lighting Selections Fixtures and Placements

We spent part of two days during our July trip looking at lighting at SMAL, a lighting distributor. We walked away with two issues: we couldn’t find suitable lights for some locations and the total price of what we selected was too high.

After we returned home, we did a lot of searching online to find substitute lights that were more affordable. Having a selection in place was a plus; even if we weren’t going to use a SMAL light, we had something to guide us in our search.

We focused on and searches at to identify some possibilities. After a few days of work, we found most of the lights we need. We ended up with about a 30% cost reduction from the original number. (Even after our searching, we had trouble finding suitable replacements for the low voltage cable lights in the main room. We liked the look or what we had selected, so we stayed with our original choice despite the higher cost.)

Then this activity went dormant for a couple of months, until last week Kevin asked us for our final lighting list. He wanted to know what to order from SMAL and for us to order, for delivery to him, lights from the other sources.

We put together a packet with purchase lists and diagrams showing where each light is to be placed. Based on the list of non-SMAL lights, I went online to make the purchases.

Fortunately, about 80% of the lighting we found was from Amazon. Fortunate because would let me order from the US for shipment to Italy. The other sites wanted a credit card with an Italian billing address. So we asked Kevin to order those lights himself.

Final Lighting Selections
Final Lighting Selections
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