Finestre Window Details

While the house will have 17 doors, 5 exterior and 12 interior, there are only 11 windows (le finestre, singular la finestra). That’s because the French doors are doing double duty as windows.

(I saw some examples of windows during my last trip.)

Window Design

Of the 11 windows, 9 will be double windows that open in the middle. The other two are the kitchen window, which has three panels, and the stairway window, which has one.

In nearly all the windows, there will be a feature called alta ribalta, which is a window that tilts open at the top to allow airflow or can be opened “normally”.

Alta ribalta window
How alta ribalta can open
Alta ribalta window
Window tilting open at top
Window Sills

The sills will be in the local style, using, as Kevin put it, “pianella tiles — known to foreigners as ‘terracotta tiles’.”

We will also use pianella tiles between the ceiling beams upstairs.

(The picture below right shows a windowsill from a house restoration in France.)

Pianella ceiling tiles
Pianella tiles between beams
Pianella sill
Closeup of pianella sill

Window Color

These will match the door, using the middle color below.

door and window color choices
Middle color

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Fifth image: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure

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  • January 19, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Hi there Anne & Ed! I was just searching the internet to check for news updates post the recent quakes in Italy and came across you blog. Interestingly enough, my husband and I recently bought and have been renovating a home in Le Marche region of Italy, Colmurano to be exact, so it looks like we may become Italian neighbors! We ended up buying an existing home in a spectacular location, which was in relatively good shape, but have basically ripped it to the bare bones and have been renovating for almost 12 months now. We are anticipating most of the interior work to be completed by June 2017. Love reading your blog and think we actually may know some people i common. It would be fun to meet up sometime in Colmurano!


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