Fireplace Settling On a Design

During our trip in May, we discussed the fireplace in the context of its position in the room, especially its position relative to the interior stone wall. We settled on a corner fireplace near the back of the house.

Then, in July we settled on the general design.

Today, we received a rendering of the design. The front of the fireplace is brick, with two stone “wings” that angle back into the wall.

Fireplace design drawing
Front View of Proposed Fireplace
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Top view of fireplace design
Yop View of Proposed Fireplace
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I had two questions for Kevin:

  1. Didn’t we need at least one row of bricks at the top of the firebox area, below the mantle?
  2. Was the mantle too “heavy” for the design of the fireplace and the room?

Kevin reassured me that the bricks weren’t needed and that they felt the mantle was the right proportion.

In the end, we decided to trust our Italian brain trust.

Image: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure

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