Getting On the Air

One important “must have” is a good, fast internet connection. A cable connection or even a DSL connection over a phone line isn’t possible, since the wires don’t seem to be accessible from our property. So we’ll need to rely on some over-the-air service, either satellite or ground-based.

From what I hear, Marche has pretty good coverage provided by a group of companies, one company per province. The company that handles our area, Macerata, is Fidoka.

imageThese companies use transmitters and receivers mounted on towers on the hilltops. So to get a signal, you need a line-of-sight to one of the towers. Since our property slopes downward, facing the hills across the valley, I’m expecting and relying on the towers to the west of us. I can see some sort of towers on these hills, so I hope they are used by Fidoka.

Their website is a bit vague, but it seems like we can get a good connection for about 25€ a month. That’s less than the $45 we pay Comcast right now. (The more you pay, the faster the connection, so we can upgrade if we need to.)

So, if all goes well, we just have to have Fidoka install the antenna and give us the modem. Then we’ll have a connection.

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