Getting Stoned

Houses in Le Marche are, as far as I know, either made of stone or concrete. (In new construction, there is the need to meet the earthquake requirements. Only older houses would have actual stone construction.)

stone walls in marche

Exterior Walls

The exterior of these concrete houses is finished one of two ways: with stone or with what is called “rendering”, which covers the exterior surface with a mixture of sand and cement. The rendering is often then painted a color, so you see a lot of red, yellow, and tan.

Rendering is the cheaper option. In fact, Kevin had proposed at one time that we might want to render the side of the house which will rarely be seen, the north side outside of the kitchen. (It’s not uncommon to see houses that are part stone, part rendered.)

We had no doubt that we wanted stone everywhere. It feels more traditional. So our exterior will be done in locally-quarried stone.

Interior Walls

In many restored houses which were originally all stone, they will use some of the stone that remains and use it on an interior wall. It’s a nice look, and one we’d like to have, too.

We plan to face the inside of the back wall of the main room with stone, ideally using some of the stone from the ruin.

Location of interior stone wall Click image to enlarge
Location of interior stone wall
Click image to enlarge

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