Good News: We Receive a Variance on Our Construction

We awoke this morning to an email from Kevin, titled, In his typical, get-the-news-across style, “POSITIVE Opinion Colmurano Technical Office, Proceed with VARIANCE.”

A letter from the geometra saying the project can go forward as a variance, rather than as a new project.
Our preliminary opinion Click image to enlarge

The email confirmed that the geometra, Jimmy Stefoni, had met with Verdicchio Saverio, il tecnico comunale di Colmurano. Jimmy had received the good news that our design could be considered a variance on the previously-approved plan, not a whole new plan. This should speed up the approval process dramatically; in fact, the projection from Jimmy is that he will have the needed documents back to il tecnico within 7-10 days and then the final approval process can begin.

One important point was not mentioned in the letter: could we build a pool? I wrote back to Kevin asking for confirmation that we are all set on the pool.

I thought I’d hear back right away that are good to go, but no word. My guess is that they forgot to ask about it.


This morning brought some clarification and confirmed the good news.

First, it is a final decision, not just an opinion, that the project can be evaluated as a variance, and it seems that the final approval to build requires more or less just the submission of some project details. (I had asked because I was uncertain of the translation and the terminology.)

The letter said:

Il Tecnico Comunale di Colmurano … riguardante la richiesta di un VARIANTE in corso d’opera per il progetto di ristrutturazione … per cui lo stesso ente a rilasciato PERMESSO DI RICOSTRUIRE … “

Kevin provided his translation:

The town technical office director confirmed that the project, as a VARIANCE, with the presentation of the new/modified project details, will allow the project to commence with a new PERMISSION TO CONSTRUCT.”

Second, while the pool wasn’t mentioned, it’s because it’s not part of the variance. Kevin assured me that pools are permitted by the Comune di Colmurano.

So, unless Giovanna, our avvocato, has identified a problem with the legalities, like the title or another of the pre-commitment issues (put link here), we’re good to go to proceed toward a final approval.

Very good news.

Image: Copyright Our Big Italian Adventure

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