Ground Floor Ceiling, Top Floor Base Tying Together the Two Levels

There has been a lot of progress during the past two days and we have the photos to prove it.

The first step was to start adding the composite panels that form the underlay of the ceiling. They also provide thermal and acoustical insulation. The lower surface is a bit rough, giving some texture to the ceiling. (I thought the ceiling would be plastered, but apparently the paint goes right on this surface.)

Here are pictures of the panels in place, from above and below.

Underlayment panels in place
Ceiling Underlay Nearly Complete on One Side
Ceiling underpayment composite panels above beams
Ceiling Underlay, Beams, and Supports

The next step was to start installing the horizontal rebar cages that will tie together the structural columns. In these two pictures, you can see the cages being placed, and the tied into the column rebar and to the beams which are lagged into the connection. These will all be encased in concrete.

Rebar Cage Placement
Rebar Cage Placement
Linking the Rebar Together
Linking the Rebar Together

Final step for today was to begin installation of Poroton blocks. These are a special type of clay blocks that are insulating and very strong. They are part of the anti seismic structure and will be linked with the rest of the structure in the coming days.

Installing Peloton Blocks
Installing Poroton Blocks

Here is a gallery of all the photos of this work.

All images: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure

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