Heating and Cooling

I’m writing this post now mostly so can show this cool diagram — which I don’t completely understand.

Underfloor heating areas Click image to enlarge
Underfloor heating areas
Click image to enlarge

It shows the plan for the underfloor heating. The different groups of pipes are shown by the colors. They come together in a ground floor zone and a top floor zone which can be controlled separately.

Cooling the house will be done by a progression:

  1. Open the windows.
  2. Use the ceiling fans in the bedrooms.
  3. Use the portable A/C units in the bedrooms.

portable air conditioner to be used in house in Le MarcheThese portable units and only cost a few hundred euro, so using them is MUCH cheaper than building an air conditioning system for the house. We’re building vents into the walls in the bedrooms so the units can exhaust the warm, moist air to the outside and we won’t need drain pans that have to be emptied.

First image: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure
Second image: Sears.com

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