Lavanderia e Locale Tecnico

In the original rough floor plan, we had a laundry and utility room adjoining the stairway on the ground floor. This left a nice-sized closet underneath the stairs.

Original rough plan - click to enlarge
Original rough plan
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First detailed plan = click to enlarge
First detailed plan
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Revised detailed plan - click to enlarge
Revised detailed plan
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Kevin asked the geometra to do a more precise layout of the laundry/utility to include the needed utilities and mechanicals. Besides the water heater, these include some of the elements related to the underfloor heating and the renewable energy system.

The first layout he drew included all the key elements, those above, plus a washer, dryer, and space for counters and storage cabinets. The problem, as I saw it, was that we had lost the closet under the stairs to some of the technical apparatus.

As I looked at the plan, I noticed that the space under the bottom part of the stairway wasn’t being used. While this is a triangular space that only gets about 5 feet high at maximum under the landing, I thought maybe something could go there. So I asked Kevin to look into it.

He returned from the geometra with a much-improved plan. It restored at least a coat-closet-sized space and gave us some extra storage space. And he did it by using that space under the stairs for the photovoltaic converter and for some elements of the underfloor heating system.

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