Mud Trapping a Big Truck

Finally, the snow at our building site has melted, due to warmer temperatures and some rain. But work on the site has yet to recommence in earnest.

muddy building site in Le MarcheThe problem now is mud. Take a building site, where the basic earthmoving has started, and add snowmelt and rain and you get one big mess.

Apparently, the mud is worse than our contractor, Francisc, expected. He had a big truck come to the site to deliver some steel — it got stuck. From what Kevin says, it was quite the ordeal to get it un-stuck.

Unfortunately, I don’t have (actual) pictures.

Fortunately, Francisc has been able to construct the steel columns off-site. They next step, when practical, is to deliver them to the site, attach them to the foundation steel, and pour the concrete pillars around them.

More good news is that Francisc believes he can make up the time that was lost in January. We’re pleased, but not that surprised. The schedule looked like it had padding built in.

Here’s Kevin’s summary of what the next few weeks should bring:

The overall plan between now and 10 March is for the columns to be erected, the exterior block (anti-seismic poroton block) walls to be constructed for the ground floor, the interior stone wall to be constructed and the exterior stone to be underway. This will all result in a ground floor well into realization. Then, on or about 10 March we can do the critical structural “floor” between ground and 1st floors.

Lastly, our next trip to see the progress and to make some decisions about interior finishes may get delayed from mid-March to early April. That way we’ll be able to see the structure in a more complete form.

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