On My Way to Buy the Ruin

For this trip, I decided to trying flying into Ancona. It requires a connection somewhere, this time Munich, so instead of arriving in Rome in the morning, arrival is late afternoon in Ancona.

ancona airportGood call. I avoided Rome Fiumicino airport and its confusing set-up. Ancona airport reminds me of Nantucket or Asheville, but more modern and nicer. You go down the stairs off the small plane, walk about 100 feet, pick up your bags, and leave. (I had entered Europe — the so-called Schengen zone — in Munich, so I just got a question about where I was going from the local authorities.) Rental car desk right there, car in lot about 100 feet away. Off plane and in car in 15 minutes.

I also shortened the post-flight drive considerably. Even with the new road through the mountains which was just opened, the drive from Rome is about 3 hours, compared to 45 minutes from Ancona.

I recommend this route for all our hoped-for visitors.

Image: http://www.gmp-architekten.com/projects/ancona-airport.html
Map icons: Maps Icons Collection https://mapicons.mapsmarker.com

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