In the original design, the front door, or portone, was planned to be a single solid door. We thought that this might make the entry hall too dark, so we decided to add an arch window over the door. (Having a solid arched door is expensive, so I’d guess an arched door with glass at the top would be very expensive.)

tettoia example
Tettoia example
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portone with arched window above
Typical two-piece portone example, with arched window
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As we looked for examples to help us design this window, nearly all the examples were over a two-piece door, opening in the middle. As that seemed to be more traditional, we opted to use that style rather than a single door. Solid rectangular doors, with the arch window above.

On the exterior above the door we’ll have a small roof, called a tettoia.


We had to change the door decision. It turns out the opening is 110cm (43 in) instead of 140cm (55 in). That’s too narrow for a two-piece door. So we’re back on a one nice-sized rectangular door with the arched window above and the tettoia on the outside.

Portone: | http://www.novaarredo.it/porte-darredo/portoni/portone-arte-povera
Tettoia: | http://www.legnocostruire.it/prodotti/pensiline_in_legno.html

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