Project Timing: Starting 2017 A Month-by-Month Work Plan

We feel like we’ve made excellent progress on the building project in the last six weeks of 2016.

Kevin sent us a timing plan for the rest of the work, roughly showing activities by month. It stretches the project out until February 2018 — which was the completion date he proposed in October.

Looking at the plan, it feels conservative. There are few concurrent activities, maybe because one contractor and his team are doing much of the work.

Anne can’t understand how it can taKe over a year from where we are now. She really wants to be able to be in the house for Christmas 2017.

I’m a bit more relaxed about the date. I don’t see us being able to furnish and have the house ready until the spring of 2018. That sets us up perfectly for “introducing” the house in the summer 2018. Also, I’d rather take an extra month or two than rush the contractor into cutting corners.

Here’s the project flowchart Kevin sent along.

Workplan for house construction in Le Marche
Workplan Flowchart
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Image: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure

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