Putting the Fun in Functional

There are a few nice touches we’d like to add to the outside of the house, some functional, others just for fun.

Wood Storage

Wood storage areaSince we’re going to have a fireplace in the main room, we need a place to store firewood. Since I know from experience that if the wood isn’t conveniently located, it doesn’t get used, I want to have a wood storage area next to the house.

The plan is to have a small wood store on the side of the house nearest the fireplace. You’ll be able to reach it easily via the marciapiede. It will look VERY ROUGHLY like the image here, but it will have stone sides and a tile roof.

Italian country sinks

Country Sink

Kevin proposed that we include a “country sink” on the side of the house nearest the kitchen. This will give us a place for Anne to have the “potting shed” she wants and for us to wash off things outside, like vegetables from the garden.

And since we are planning for a spigot on that side of the house, this is a more interesting way to include it, instead of just having a regular spigot.

Again, roughly, we’re looking for something that’s a cross between these two ideas. (The bottom one is from Kevin’s house.)

He says we can find something interesting at a salvage yard, so next spring we’ll go looking. I think it will be a fun project,

Water Trough/Fountain

water trough fountainAnother accent piece we’ll look for is a stone water trough or the like. Anne has always wanted some sort of “water feature.” Since I don’t think we’ll be building a stream — though we have the slope for it — we’re planning on including a water trough with spigot right next to the portico, where it can give us a nice, soothing sound.

Here’s a sample of what we have in mind. Kevin says we ought to be able to find a suitable trough, as well.



dovecotesFinally, for pure whimsy, we’d like to include some dovecotes. You see them on many older houses in the area, so we thought they’d be a nice touch.


Here’s a layout showing where all these elements will be placed.

Exterior features
Click image to enlarge

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Other images: Copyright © Our Big Italian Adventure

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