Redoing the Pool New Base Structure, New Concrete for Shallow End

As I wrote about before, we made a mistake when we designed the pool and didn’t realize it until well after the concrete had been poured (which was last December.) During our July visit, Anne walked down the steps into the pool and almost disappeared. We had made the shallow end not very shallow.

Our only remedy was to rebuild the base of the pool, which as you can expect isn’t cheap, adding about 10% to the cost of the pool. But we feel that at 140cm (54in – 4.5ft) it’s just too deep. After considering what we’d like to have, about 90cm (3ft) and what Kevin thought made sense to him (120cm, 4ft), we settled on 110cm (44in).

To make sure the pool is one solid structure, the new “bottom” needs to tie into the existing pool walls and floor using steel rebar surrounded by concrete, just the way the pool was built originally.

Here’s Kevin’s note explaining the work and giving us the cost.

This one hurts.

In order to execute the pool depth change to 110cm some significant work is needed.

They will essentially be drilling down into the current base. They will insert steel rods and steel lathe. They will then build a perimeter in reinforced concrete whose top will be at the new depth (allowing for skim coat and liner). They will then essentially pour a new foundation. Note that Primo has calculated the details on this and provided Francisc with the plan. Keep in mind they are probably going for some OVERKILL on this, but, they have emphasized that water is heavy and invasive and overkill is a good strategy for this type on issue.

They’ve started this work, laying some concrete blocks linked with rebar. Kevin says the rest of the work will be done in a few days.

Looking Down the Pool
New Pool Base Structure
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An Update

The new bottom for the shallow end has been poured on the base structure. Now, we should have it ready for the liner and the finishing of the surround.

New Pool Base Poured
New Pool Base Poured
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The pictures:

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