Refining the Electrical and Network Plans Identifying Some Overlooked Items

They have roughed in the electrical on the ground floor, following the plans I prepared for light, switch, and outlet placement. Kevin and Alessandra, who we’ve asked to help with lighting, did a three-hour walk through with Francisc to ensure everything was in place.

Kevin came back with a list of changes they had to make — very minor, all related to placement of elements where there is a column. He also had a few questions for us.

Q: Were we planning to mount the TV on the wall, so that the outlet and connections should up at the mounting location?
A: No. We’ll put in on a table or cabinet with the satellite receiver.

Q: Did we really want those pesky floor outlets? They’re concerned that the placement won’t be right.
A: No, we’ll do without them and rely on overhead lights and lights near a plug in the wall.

Q: Were we OK with wireless remotes for the ceiling fans? Francisc said it made wiring easier.
A: Wireless remotes are fine. We just need to be sure the fans we choose have them or can be fitted with them.

updated electrical plans
Updated Electrical Package
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In going over all of this and looking at my plans, I realized that I’d left out switches to some of the lights we added recently. I revised the plans and sent them along.

The other questions related to the network. I had drawn up a plan that included a separate modem and wireless router, like I have at home now. That confused the electrician and the network guy, as they use combined modem/routers. Obviously, no problem here.

They also raised an issue about the three wireless access points I have planned to ensure good coverage throughout the house. Could they directly wire and wall mount them? Again, no problem.

Ubiquiti Access Point
Ubiquiti Access Point

Kevin sent along a picture of his access points. I’m familiar with them and they are supposed to work great. The question now is whether the internet provider Fidoka supplies all the equipment and leases it to us or if we can buy the pieces outright and save some money.

Finally, I asked them to relocate the top floor access point to be closer to the bedrooms so the signal is stronger there. I don’t think it should be any problem.

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2 thoughts on “Refining the Electrical and Network Plans Identifying Some Overlooked Items

  • September 12, 2020 at 6:35 am

    Hii!! love your house. Hopefully its complete now!
    I just want to ask you , how much your architect charge you for electrical floor plans and plumbing floor plans?
    Would be nice If i can get an idea actually. I am also planning to go ahead with the same thing as you guys did, in outskirts of rome. pelase let me know!! owuld be very nice

    • October 24, 2021 at 6:33 am

      Hi. Those costs were built in to our overall project, so I can’t give you any guidance. Sorry


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