Reflipping the Kitchen Avoiding Some Costly Reconstruction

The kitchen design that Angelo suggested in July had the cooktop to the left of the sink, which put it across the room from the refrigerator. After some thought, I decided it made more sense to put it right of the sink, next to the ovens and near the refrigerator. Angelo had redrawn it this way, and I thought we were all set.

Today, Kevin told us that he and Angelo had been reviewing everything and realized the cooktop can’t fit on the right side without major modifications to the wall and window. The problem is the width of the cooktop and its placement, which needs to be centered below the two exhaust fans in the cabinet above.

Cooktop Width and Position Problem
Cooktop Width and Position Problem
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Here’s his explanation of our options. I think it’s easy to see what he wants us to do:

How Can This Be Addressed:

1—The simple solution is to move the cooktop and hood BACK TO THE ORIGINAL POSITION — that eliminates any issues and requires ZERO work.

2—If the cooktop/hood are kept in the current position we need to make the window smaller, circa 50cm total, taken equally from each side. This means we need to rework the exterior wall — block, stone, stucco — to essentially “patch” the spaces that are being filled. We also need to move the electrical lines that are installed.

My question back to him was whether a cooktop that was less wide would solve the problem without the window and wall changes. Unfortunately, the cooktop width would have to go from 90cm (36in) to 70cm (28in), too small even by Italian standards.

So we’ve flipped the design back to where we started, with the cooktop to the left of the sink.

Kevin, Francisc, and Angelo are all happy, and we’re fine with it, too.

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