Sinking Pilings to Support Retaining Wall Providing Support for Parking Area

The top land terrace in front of the house will be the parking area. While in other places we’re using terra armata to reinforce the earth, Francisc and Kevin think we need to do an actual retaining wall in this place.

At first, when Kevin explained the wall, I thought he was talking about a wall that would rise above the level of the parking area, to keep cars from driving or backing off the edge. We will need some sort of “guard” there, but it’s not this wall. It will be only a few centimeters above the level of the land terrace where the parking will be.

Drawing of parking area and retaining wall
Land Terraces in Front
Wall is at Position Marked C
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One downside to this method is, when looking out from the front of the house, you will see the face of the wall. We’ll need to figure out how to landscape it to soften the look.

Not surprisingly, this retaining wall will be quite strong, supported by the same type of reinforced concrete pilings that are under the house.

Today’s work was to dig the holes, insert the steel, and pour the concrete. It doesn’t make for very interesting pictures, but here they are.

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