Sorting Out the Windows and Doors True Divided Lights?

windows and doors spec package
Revised windows and doors package
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In response to yesterday’s questions about the windows and doors, Kevin came back from the supplier with a much improved specifications package. It addresses nearly all the open issues and includes attachments that show clearly what the windows, doors, and hardware will look like. It also includes a dimensioned drawing of a sample door.

On the cost front, they removed the interior door that had been added to the budget by mistake, which lowered the total cost to €29.7k from €30.6k.

As expected, as we got more information, it raised a couple more questions. There are three important ones:

  • The windows and doors need to have true divided lights. Are they budgeted that way?
  • The plan has eliminated the arched window above the front door. Kevin says this is related to the need to have a single panel door, as the opening is not wide enough for a double door. (We had discussed this in December.) I’m confused why the two issues are related.
  • The design of the upstairs terrazza door was not specifically addressed.

I expect we’ll get this all sorted out and ready to sign tomorrow.

Drawing of a simulated divided light window
Simulated divided light window
Drawing of true divided light window
True divided light window

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