Starting the Stone Walls Our "Cornerstone" is Laid

Today, we got pictures of some very exciting work: the start of the building of the exterior stone walls. Once these are complete, Casa Avventura will really look like a house from the outside.

Here’s the first stone in place.

First Stone in Place
First Stone in Place

The general sequence for adding the exterior walls is like this.

  1. The exterior walls are started with bricks being put on the outside of the corner columns to form a square corner. These will be fit together with the stones in an irregular way.
  2. Brick Corner Started

  3. On the outside of the existing Poroton wall “core”, they add a layer of hemp insulation in the spaces between the concrete columns. This natural material comes in sheets that look a little like a door mat.
  4. Hemp Insulation Panels
    Hemp Insulation Panels
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    Hemp Being Installed
    Hemp Being Installed
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  5. Next, a fabric barrier is added. I assume it is breathable, but is there to separate the hemp from the stones and mortar.
  6. Hemp and Barrier in Place
    Hemp and Barrier in Place

  7. Finally, the stones are laid on the exterior of the hemp and barrier material. The courses use a mixture of sizes of stones, giving the walls a more traditional feel.
  8. Continuing Down the Wall
    Adding the Stone

Here are all the pictures.

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