Starting to Finish the Roof Stone Walls Complete!

Today’s photos show an exciting milestone: the stone walls have been finished up to the roof.

Stonework Complete on North Side
Stonework Complete on North Side
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Brick Detail Below Roof
Brick Detail Below Roof

Plus, there is a nice decorative feature in Le Marche houses: a special, patterned line of bricks right below the base of the roof. When we were on site, they showed us what they intended. It is a “sawtooth” pattern, with the bricks laid at angles. Here, you can see a close-up of the pattern.

This is used on the sides of the house where there will be gutters — on the downside edges. On the other sides, under the roof is simply a flat row of bricks, like you can see in the photo above.

The rest of the photos show work on the underlay for the tile roof. They have started with insulation and what I assume is a water barrier.

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