Entering the Home Stretch Maybe Only 2-3 Weeks to Go

Right after the (long) holiday break ended, Kevin and the team got together to make a plan for finishing the house.

partially completed checklist

Here’s his list of the remaining work to do:

  • tile the pool surround
  • tile the stairs
  • install toilets, sinks, bidet units (i.e. bathroom finish work)
  • install terrace railing and stair hand rails
  • install kitchen
  • finish outside fountain
  • finish fireplace
  • finish painting
  • install lighting fixtures
  • Johnny’s items – closet doors and nicchie finish work
  • ENEL — permanent house electrical line (the only challenge I see, and, the house can continue to function in the interim on the current job site electrical supply)
  • install internal doors
  • install bug screens, etc. — the finish work associated with the windows, done after workmen stop traipsing through the house
  • final heat test
  • fotovolts connected to inverters, system test, etc.
  • note, too, that the road will be competed…the final stratum of material goes on once everybody stops going to the house on a daily basis with heavy vehicles

It seems like a lot to us, as these details always take more time than you expect, but Kevin’s estimate is that it will all be done in just a few weeks, by early February at the latest.

I’m still expecting it will take a few weeks longer, but it really doesn’t matter either way. We won’t be able to get to Italy and use it right away — though we sure wish we could.

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Temporary Electrical Supply Line Finally Arrives No Word on Permanent Connection

The last time I wrote about this, about six weeks ago, we were concerned that the lack of electrical supply might just bring the project to a grinding halt.

We had repeatedly been promised “in 30 days” that we’d have the permanent power connection. As that hadn’t happened, Francisc arranged for a temporary contractor connection, which he though he could get in a few days.

Wrong again. It’s taken the last six weeks just to get that.

It’s not much to look at, but it’s critical to keep the project moving.

Temporary Electrical Supply Line
Temporary Electrical Supply Line
Click image to enlarge

I guess we’re still just “30 days” away from having the permanent connection.

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April Progress and Lost Days Report Lost Days Up to 18

The report says the project is progressing well and that the work has been completed in accordance with standards. No surprise, as we’ve seen the pictures.

The report does contain a picture, the upper right one, we haven’t seen, of the construction of some interior walls on the ground floor.

Bigger news is that 8 days were lost to bad weather. That brings the cumulative count to 18 days, which would be added to the end of the project, if needed. This is significant only in that it extends the time before which the contractor has to pay daily penalties for lack of completion.

Monthly status report
April Monthly Report
Click image to read report

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February Progress Report Work Completed, Days Lost to Bad Weather

Kevin asked the Director of Works, the geometra Jimmy, to make a report at the end of each month.

Here’s why this report is important:

  1. To make sure the director of works is frequently on site
  2. To ensure he is FORMALLY reporting back on a monthly basis that all works are proceeding as per contract and as per applicable building codes to ensure certification at end of project
  3. To make sure end-of-project certifications are a “formality” and not a point of confusion as the director of works will need only revert to his/her monthlies and other notes
  4. To keep the builder on his toes knowing that every month there will be a document that reviews his prior month’s work

Progress on the project has been steady once they were able to resume work after the bad weather. I’d say we’re 2-3 weeks behind the original schedule, but they say they can make up the time. (See update below the report.)

Here’s the February report.

Geometra;s Work Report for February
Geometra’s Work Report for February
An Update

Today we received the Giorni Persi per Maltempo report. This “Days Lost due to Bad Weather” report says that they have lost 2 days to snow and 5 to rain. (These days would be added to the end of the contract term, if need be.) So we’re a little closer to on schedule than I estimated above.

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Back to Work Ending a Long Delay

After 3 weeks of holiday break and over 4 weeks of weather conditions that prevented work at the site, Francisc and his team got back at it. They had some of the rebar columns they had built off-site delivered and they prepared to attach them to the existing rebar.

Here are three photos. Notice the cloudy weather, a dramatic contrast from the beautiful sunny weather in December.

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