The Millionaire Neighbors

One other thing we did on the first day was to complete a critical task that I’d been told was handled a month or two before. According to Italian law, if you want to buy land in an agricultural area — and our property is surrounded by it — you need to give the neighboring land owners the opportunity to buy the land first. So before we can close, we need signatures from the two brothers, farmers who own the adjacent land.

Off we go to their main farm. On the way, Kevin tells me these guys are worth millions, apparently from all the land they own and farm. One brother is waiting for us and the other shows up soon after.

neighbors in Le MarcheKevin chatters away with them in Italian, confirming what we’re doing. At first, they seem a little reluctant to sign. Great, I figure. Now the shoe drops.

But in the end it looks like we might be OK. They both sign, but one wants to read the document more carefully that evening. If he doesn’t like it, he can revoke his permission before the closing, due the following afternoon.

All of this takes place right on the farm, with the documents signed on the hood of Kevin’s car.

Now, we’ll see if we have a problem in the morning.

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