Update on the Stone Accent Pieces Some Selections and a New Idea

When we were in Marche on our last trip, we visited a stone yard to pick out some accent pieces for a few fun exterior functional items. Today, Kevin came back with an estimate for each item.

We decided to do most of the items, particularly those that need to be built into the house, but held off on a couple to maybe add later.

Here are the items we were considering:


Backing Plates for the Faucets


These need to be built into the walls.

Country Sink and Faceplate


These need to be built into the wall.

Faceplate for Trough Fountain


This needs to have built-in water and electrical supply and be installed into the wall.



Seems expensive and can be added later.

Decorative Bracket


Seems expensive and can be added later.

Old Trough: Option



Not sure if size is right and will work with needed pump.

New Trough: Option



Expensive and not sure if size is right and will work with needed pump.

The one choice we didn’t make was the fountain trough. We wanted to go with the older one, for character and price, but worried about the dimensions for the space and depth to have the pump mechanism included. Kevin responded by telling us Francisc has been worried about how to handle all of this, regardless of what we chose, so they proposed another option with a custom-built stone trough.

Here’s a rough rendering:

Fountain Approach
Trough Fountain Proposal

It looks like a reasonable solution overall. My only design question is whether the trough should match the house or be different stone to set it off. And then there’s the cost issue.

An Update

Since we want to use the fountain faceplate above, Kevin recommends we go with a plain backer. He suggested plaster, maybe in a color. I’m not seeing that as working, but we’ll need to sort it out.

Costs seem reasonable at about €700. (Francisc can get a pump online for €110 vs. the €430 the supplier wanted. He does a great job saving money!)

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