We Go Solo Visiting Our House to Explore and Take Pictures

After I had finished my little banking chore, we went to have a coffee, just like any good Italian would. It was about 11am and Anne wanted cappuccino but wondered if it was already too late. (In Italy, it’s really just a beverage for breakfast.) I told her to go ahead. It was ok, since there was no doubt that we weren’t originally from these parts.

Our property is about 25 minutes from where we were in San Ginesio. (Every time Anne asked me how far anything was, it always seems to be 25 minutes.) Away we went, through Colmurano and then off onto the road nearest our house. Just as I was going to make the turn off the paved road, I noticed that I was very low on gas. I certainly had enough for the distance we had to go, but I wondered if I might have a problem getting back up the hill, if all the gas was “downhill” where the gas pump couldn’t get to. So we turned around and went down into the valley to find a gas station.

Now, up the hill and down the other side to the house. Last time we were here, I hesitated at the top of the steep driveway. This time, I did more than hesitate. I didn’t hear or see any work going on, so I thought we might be there alone: bad time to get stuck at the bottom of the hill. I parked and we walked down.

Panorama of the Site
Casa Avventura From Above
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Panorama Behind the House
Panorama From Behind the House
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As it turned out, the workmen were there. They were having lunch.

On our last visit, we hadn’t taken the time to take many photos, particularly of the ground floor. So we walked around and took shots of nearly everything on that level. (We decided not to climb the ladder to the top floor, thinking the workers might not want us up there.)

After exhausting the camera angles, we walked back up the hill and set off for lunch.

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