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A big decision we need to make fairly soon is our choice of windows and doors. Anne and I had discussed the general look we wanted, which is, as you’d expect, Italian farmhouse. But how about the specifics? And the prices? (Windows and doors is the largest item in the budget, beyond basic construction.)

Kevin and I went to see the millwork supplier. Here’s what I learned. I’ll try to explain with pictures and words.

Available mahogany window stains and n Italy


Arched  Italian window

italian door hardware

The material choice is mahogany (mogano) or pine, with mahogany being what most people use — and was what was included in our budget. Either way, you can use various stains, and you need to maintain them with a type of sealer every year or so.

The most common (only?) basic design is two side-by-side windows, opening inward. You close and lock them with a handle in the middle.

A great option, which is in the budget, to have the right window hinged at the top, so it can open slightly, to allow some air circulation.

If you make an arched window or door, with the glass curved at the top, the price shoots way up. You can do a fixed arch panel above a rectangular window or door and get a similar effect.

Shutters can be exterior, opening out, or on the inside of the windows. These are called scuretti. They are cheaper than the exterior ones and what is budgeted. (Kevin said most people in Marche use the scuretti. Those that choose the exterior ones think that it makes the house more secure, by covering the glass from the outside.) But maybe the exterior ones give a more traditional Italian look?

The six exterior doors will also be mahogany. The interior doors will be spruce, but with a solid feel. We can do panels as we’d like.

All the visible hardware is apparently handmade and comes in a dizzying array of designs, materials, and finishes.

I take a lot of pictures and send them off to Anne. As with everything else, I’m glad I’m not trying to do this on my own. Especially this design-y type stuff.

I need my teammate.

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