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Once we have the house connected to the Internet, we need to get a good wireless signal throughout the house. My plan is to use a router connected to the modem by a cable. The router will be in the office and have wireless capability so we can connect laptops, phones, iPads, etc.

My concern is that because of the thick concrete construction, the wireless signal from this router won’t cover the whole house. So I want to connect the router via cable to two access points, one in the main room of the ground floor and one on the top floor.

An access point is very similar to a router. (In fact, many routers can be used as access points.) It takes an Internet signal and connects devices to the network, either by wire or by wireless. Since it’s hard wired to the router, it gets a strong signal to broadcast, not one that is reduced by the structure.

On the electrical plan, I included the needed wiring and outlets. When I sent it to Kevin, he thought my explanation wasn’t complete about the particular outlets and cables we need to use. I mentioned an RJ-45 connector and CAT6 cables, but my explanation wasn’t clear.

So I made a network diagram and wrote a written explanation of all of this.

Network plan Click image to enlarge and see network description
Network plan
Click image to enlarge and see network description

I’m hoping the installation of of this all goes as planned, as how could we live these days without a good wireless network?

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